Sunday, September 9, 2012

Local issues - Public identity

In the last couple of posts I've shown graphics covering big international stories. In contrast, here is a recent graphic we created which looks at a local issue. This was part of our coverage of Hong Kong's 15th anniversary of the handover from Britain back to China. In the last 15 years  a local university has been keeping a running survey on how people would identify themselves. Either as a Honk Kong citizen or a Chinese citizen or somewhere in between. This has swung back and forth over the years for a number of possible reasons. We created this graphic to show the results over time.

We stuck with a similar solution for the interactive version. We created this one for the site so it could stay up longer and let people explore the data for themselves. This one generated the largest number of clicks to date on the paper's Facebook page. 

Interactive version can be viewed here

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