Monday, September 17, 2012

Euro 2012 football graphics

Here are a couple of examples of graphics we created during the Euro 2012 football (soccer) championships. We published a preview supplement which contained some smaller graphics on individual team performance during qualifying and venue maps etc. 

I then created this graphic below as a stand alone feature in sport just before the tournament kicked off. It shows all of the goals scored during the qualifying rounds and where they were scored from. The red lines also highlight the top scorer's goals for that particular team.

For the data we worked with Opta, a UK based sports data service. They can help with almost any request for sports data and also have a subscription service if you're serious about sports graphics.

Portugal and Ronaldo detail showing all those long range goals 

This second graphic was printed before the final between Spain and Italy. A lot of press had been given to Spain's brilliant passing game. And Pirlo was also playing well and pulling the strings for Italy. After speaking to sport we decided this was a good place to start and worked on a review of all the passing, defending and attacking from the two teams so far in the finals.

For this we used a Euro2012 ipad app no longer available which was also powered by Opta. There are lots of free or reasonably priced apps available rich in sports data and often powered by great sources. This particular one even had pass tracking features so we were able to get every pass, screen shot it at high resolution and then trace them. Though it did take a long time for us to trace 6,000 passes!

On the spread

Xavi detail

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