Friday, November 23, 2012

Wages in Hong Kong

As Hong Kong’s wealth gap widens, who is on which side of the growing divide? This graphic shows which industries pay the most and which have the biggest discrepancies between their highest and lowest earners. The dataset was provided by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department and covers all official employment in HK. This graphic was printed as a full broadsheet page.

Each industry is represented by a series of 3 connected dots. The middle dot is the median wage for that sector and the top and bottom dots are the averages for high and low earners (90th and 10th percentile). This shows some industries have a huge difference between top earners and what most others are paid.

The height of the dots reflects the hourly wage in HK$. The industry, or green line/dots, is also placed left to right along the x axis according to how many people work in that industry. You can see Import and Export Trade alone out to the right of the chart. By far the biggest employment sector in Hong Kong.

Restaurants and estate services had the lowest two averages.