Sunday, November 23, 2014

Online graphics

The department has also had a busy year building online graphics, ranging from HTML packages combining static graphics with narrative to more code intensive interactives.

Below are a few examples the Reuters Graphics team has put together.

Australia wine
This page looks at Australia's vineyards and the affects of climate change. More wineries are choosing to move to the cooler climate of Tasmania.

China's corporate debt
Chinese company debt hit record levels earlier this year and looked likely to accelerate a wave of domestic restructuring and trigger more defaults, as credit repayment problems arose. Our interactive analysed the landscape of company debt in China, showing the extent of the problem. The graphic also allowed a detailed look at each sector as well as information on individual companies.

Gaza damage

This piece took a closer look at UNOSAT data and satellite imagery which was released during the crisis in Gaza earlier this year.

U.S. border crisis

The U.S. has been facing a surge of unaccompanied children arriving from violence-torn El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. This package of graphics accompanied the ongoing story.

The Fed's balancing act
This interactive compares Janet Yellen's first day with past Fed Chairmen and shows how they managed the dual mandate of low inflation and low unemployment. For a detailed write-up on the making of this graphic read this article.

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